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On the 23rd March 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the country 'we must stay at home'. This was due to the Corona Virus Pandemic which was sweeping the globe and still continues to do so 6 months later.

From the 23rd March, schools were closed, and the only places which remained open were our Supermarkets, and the NHS. Families were made to work from home, while home-schooling their children and all childcare provision ceased. Apart from for key worker families and those who were deemed most vulnerable.

Care homes closed their doors to visitors, as did Hospitals. Holidays were cancelled, as were weddings and funerals. However, despite all of this, there was a deep sense of Community - the Nation came together as we all stayed apart to protect our NHS from being overwhelmed.

To date there have been 41,664 people who have reportedly died with Covid-19 in the UK since the beginning of the pandemic, and we are not through it yet. Although thankfully our schools have reopened, and we are able to move around more freely.

The world is certainly a different place to what it was before the Corona Virus, and we are all still adapting to a new normal, where face masks are worn, and nobody leaves home without hand sanitiser. Our children are taught in bubbles, and socialising is in numbers of 6 people or less.This collection is a body of photographs which show how we all did our bit to try and curb the peak of the virus, while still finding ways to enjoy the smaller things.