A walk round Tankersley (and associated information boards), 1984 and revised 1995. Tankersley Parish Council.

Ancient Woodlands of Ecclesfield Parish, C&HGA.

Broad Ing: your community wood (and board), 1988. Tankersley Parish Council.

Wincobank Hill, 1990 and revised 2009. Sheffield City Council.

Grenoside: a woodland village, 1992. Sheffield City Council.

The life and times of Alexander John Scott (Nelson’s chaplain & secret agent at Trafalgar, buried in Ecclesfield graveyard), 2005. Funded by St Mary’s Church, Ecclesfield and Ecclesfield Parish Council.

Wheata Wood and Prior Royd: two ancient woods at Grenoside, 2004 (and boards 2006). Part of the Fuelling a Revolution project.

Birley Stone: heritage site and vantage point (and board) 2006. Sheffield City Council.

Discover Ecclesfield’s Working Past – 3 leaflets and 3 boards – funded by EPIP, 2012.

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