Ecclesfield Gala Procession July 1979

The lady in the foreground is Edith Lydia Kay (nee Blazey). She is standing next to a pool car that the family had hired, and in the back is the Kay family's dog, Mick.

The float is for the Ecclesfield Priory Players. Les Bell is driving it, and Bill Dalby is sitting in the cab in the passenger's seat.

Sitting on the back of the float, furthest on the left with the "Ye Olde Browne Cow" pub sign is James Melville Kay who was dressed as Tin Mill Tramp. Sat next to him, on his right is Norma Pease, dressed as the landlady of the Browne Cow. The lady to Norma's right could be Jean Dalby. The lady facing the camera with the dramatic black/green headress is Beverley Tyson. The gentleman seated, towards the back, with a beard and white shirt/dark waistcoat is Stuart Frost. He is the son of Ted Frost, who was the captain of the Grenoside Sword Dancers at one time (and deputy headmaster of Ecclesfield Town Junior School). The gentleman at the back with the sleeveless teeshirt and Afro-Caribean style wig is Ian Bell, Les and Dorothy Bell's son. Dorothy Bell is also on the back of the float, mostly obscured behind Stuart Frost and wearing a black headscarf. The gentleman following the float, wearing a stripy blazer, is Tom Travis.

Image Details

age bands 1966 to 1980
Archiving Reference Number JK/05/01
Source of original material James Kay
Festivals, Sports Days and Galas Ecclesfield Gala
type of group (people) Society/ organisation
Name of people Edith Lydia Kay (nee Blazey); Les Bell; Bill Dalby; James Melville Kay; Norma Pease; Jean Dalby; Beverley Tyson; Stuart Frost; Ian Bell; Dorothy Bell; Tom Travis

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